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1. Edward M. Goldberg and Brenda Larkin  are registered representatives of Lincoln Financial Advisors, a Broker Dealer, and also provide Divorce Planning Services as Financial Aspects of Divorce, LLC.

2. When providing Divorce Planning Services, Edward Goldberg and Brenda Larkin do not act in any way as registered representatives or investment advisors of the Broker Dealer.  Any Divorce Services provided are in Goldberg’s  and Larkin's personal capacity and is an outside business activity not within the scope of their relationship with the Broker Dealer.  No legal or tax advice is provided by the Broker Dealer or its affiliates.

3. The Broker Dealer (including its successors, affiliates and their respective officers, agents and directors) are held harmless from any and all losses, liabilities or damages which may occur related to Goldberg’s or Larkin's employment as a Divorce Analyst or Consultant.

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